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Waterways: Four Saliva Studies (2001)

Vito Acconci / undo

This release includes the soundtrack to Acconci’s 1971 video “Waterways: Four Saliva Studies” + a remix by undo (Christof Migone and Alexandre St-Onge) entitled “Vito Acconci’s undoing.”

CD in custom cardboard box with video stills of each Acconci study covered by hand in silver paint + dried spit on inside cover.


  1.        Waterways: Four Saliva Studies  22:58 (1971)
  2.        Vito Acconci’s undoing 21:51 (2001) undo remix of Acconci”s Waterways

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THE WIRE Issue 217 March 2002 (London) Ken Hollings

New York artist Vito Acconci belongs to that generation of conceptual players, including Chris Burden and Denis Oppenheim, who were more interested in what the body can do than what it’s actually made of. Early videotape performances featured Acconci shoving his hand down his throat and keeping it there until he started gagging. The highly amplified soundtrack for his 1971 video “Waterways: Four Saliva Studies”, is presented both in its unedited entirety and electronically filtered by undo (Christof Migone & Alexandre St-Onge). This potentially terse exchange between physical sound-making and its digitally morphed phantom comes packaged with a blob of dried spit inside the slipcase. At least, that’s what it looks like.


Christof Migone is an artist, curator and writer. He works with language, voice, bodies, performance, intimacy, complicity and endurance. He co-edited the book and CD Writing Aloud: The Sonics of Language (Los Angeles: Errant Bodies Press, 2001) and his writings have been published in Aural Cultures, S:ON, Experimental Sound & Radio, Musicworks, Radio Rethink, Semiotext(e), Angelaki, Esse, Inter, Performance Research, etc. He obtained an MFA from NSCAD in 1996 and a PhD from the Department of Performance Studies at the Tisch School of the Arts of New York University in 2007. He has released nine solo audio cds on various labels (Avatar, ND, Alien 8, Locust, Oral). He has curated a number of events: Touch that Dial (1990), Radio Contortions (1991), Rappel (1994), Double Site (1998),stuttermouthface (2002), Disquiet (2005), START (2007),STOP.(2008), and Should I Stay or Should I Go (Nuit Blanche 2010 – Zone C), and numerous others for the Blackwood Gallery between 2008 and 2013. He has performed at Beyond Music Sound Festival (Los Angeles), kaaistudios (Brussels), Resonance FM (London), Nouvelles Scènes (Dijon), On the Air (Innsbruck), Ménagerie de Verre (Paris), Experimental Intermedia (NYC), Méduse (Québec), Images Festival (Toronto), Send+Receive (Winnipeg), Kill Your Timid Notion (Dundee), Mutek, Victoriaville Festival, Oboro, Casa del Popolo, Théâtre La Chapelle, DHCArt, CAFKA, Museum Leuven, Whitney Museum, etc. His installations have been exhibited at the Banff Center, Rotterdam Film Festival, Gallery 101, Art Lab, eyelevelgallery, Forest City Gallery, Studio 5 Beekman, Mercer Union, CCS Bard, Optica. He has collaborated with Lynda Gaudreau, Martin Tétreault, Tammy Forsythe, Alexandre St-Onge, Michel F. Côté, Gregory Whitehead, Set Fire To Flames, and Fly Pan Am. A monograph on his work, Sound Voice Perform, was published in 2005. In 2006, the Galerie de l’UQAM in Montreal presented a mid-career survey of his work accompanied by a catalog and a DVD entitled Trou. A book compiling his writings on sound art,Sonic Somatic: Performances of the Unsound Body was published in 2012 by Errant Bodies Press. He has been the recipient of commissions from the Tate Modern, Dazibao, Kunstradio, Centre for Art Tapes, New Adventures in Sound Art, Radio Canada, New American Radio. He is a founding member of Avatar (Québec City). He currently lives in Toronto and is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Visual Arts at Western University in London, Ontario.

Alexandre St-Onge est un artiste audio, un musicien/improvisateur (contrebasse, basse, voix et électroniques) ainsi qu’un performeur sonore. Il a récemment terminé des études doctorales en art (soutenance : 1er octobre 2014). Il est fasciné par la créativité en tant qu’approche pragmatique de l’insaisissable et a réalisé dix disques solos. Ses plus récents sont : viorupeeeeihean (Oral), Ailleurs (&records) et Entités (Oral). Il joue aussi dans plusieurs groupes musicaux avec lesquels il a créé plusieurs disques : Klaxon Gueule, Shalabi Effect, Les esprits frappeurs, Pink Saliva, mineminemine, et sans et K.A.N.T.N.A.G.A.N.O. Comme concepteur sonore il travaille et/ou a travaillé avec la compagnie d’art médiatique et interdisciplinaire kondition pluriel ainsi que les artistes Marie Brassard, Karine Denault, Lynda Gaudreau, Line Nault, Jérémie Niel, Maryse Poulin et Mariko Tanabe. Alexandre St-Onge is an audio artist, a musician/improviser (acoustic bass, bass, voice and electronics) and a sonic performer. He recently finished his PhD in art (thesis defence : October 1st 2014). He is fascinated by creativity as a pragmatic approach of the ungraspable and he has released ten solo albums. His most recent ones are : viorupeeeeihean (Oral), Ailleurs (&records) and Entités (Oral). He also plays in quite a few bands which released several albums, including Et Sans, K.A.N.T.N.A.G.A.N.O., Klaxon Gueule, Pink Saliva, mineminemine, Shalabi Effect and undo. As a composer he has worked for interdisciplinary company condition pluriel, as well as composing for artists such as Marie Brassard, Karine Denault, Lynda Gaudreau, Line Nault, Jérémie Niel, Maryse Poulin and Mariko Tanabe.