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Ringen (2012)

James Schidlowsky

Extremely rare field recordings of elven and faerie orchestras, heavy on strings and horns, as well as some pipe organ played by chthonic gnomes. As the piece builds, listeners often experience auditory hallucinations. Do not be alarmed, it is merely pixielization due to microtonal variations in the conflux of frequencies.

VHS cassette reissue of work from 2005. Videocassette tape in translucent case, audio/video playable in any VHS-compatible VCR (preferably stereo). Edition of 30, each distinguished by a photo of a different vacuum fluorescent display salvaged from discarded VCRs.


  1.        Ringen ( 44:44)

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James Schidlowsky is not an artist. He creates out of vague necessity and fills time. He works and plays with photography, video, handmade electronics, sound installation and mostly music. In the latter domain, he may use voice, guitar, electronic sound boxes, guimbarde (jews-harp), or field recordings (among other instruments), and touches various styles such as folk, experimental, electro-acoustic and noise. James Schidlowsky n’est pas un artiste. Il crée par nécessité et pour remplir le temps. Il travaille et joue avec la photographie, la vidéo, l’électronique fait à la main, l’installation sonore et surtout de la musique. Dans ce dernier domaine, il peut utiliser la voix, la guitare, les boîtes de sons électroniques, la guimbarde, ou des phonographies (entre autres instruments), et touche différents styles tels que le folk, l’expérimental, l’électro-acoustique et le bruit.