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Record Release (7-inch) Avatar (2016)

Christof Migone

7 different publications, each includes 77 grooveless 7-inch opaque white vinyl records, plus 2 full-colour inserts, and embossed die-cut cover.

Recordings done during a residency at Avatar in Québec City, June 1-5, 2015. Included a collaboration with Magali Babin on June 1 and an in-studio performance improvisation with Mériol Lehman for the members of the RCAAQ on June 4.

Publication includes 7-inch embossed front cover with die-cut hole back cover + grooveless opaque vinyl with a burn mark made by a soldering iron on one side + two 7″x7″ full colour inserts + AIFF and MP3 (320 kbps) versions of 5 tracks, 31:18 total.

  1.        Plasticity (6:40)
  2.        Piano Palestine (9:58)
  3.        Burrowing (4:03)
  4.        Strung String (2:21)
  5.        Sustained Release (8:36)


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