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Poets Barrio TV (2020)

Private Robots

Private Robots (Juliana Pivato & Seb Roberts) began their collaboration as a resistance to credible musicianship: two nodes in a network sending noise to signal. Sharing an acute sense of the irrational (touched by technophobia), improvisations of failed New Wave anthems and dubby deconstructions of danceable indie pop are what remain. With minimal tools, Private Robots mine for nuggets of nostalgic pop beauty, to melt, mold, forge, and shatter into a hallucinatory scrapheap of shuddering, scorched fragments. Not entirely unlike Throbbing Gristle covering Fairport Convention as The Flying Lizards, Private Robots describe humans and technologies that deserve each other. Poets Barrio TV is their first release.

  1.        USED (7:48)
  2.        WATER (7:41)
  3.        CAMERA (5:53)
  4.        CAMERA (B) (4:19)
  5.        LOOK (6:43)
  6.        TREE (6:15)
  7.        TIME (9:19)
  8.        TIME (B) (10:36)
  9.        ALL (6:33)
  10.        CAKE (8:32)

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Juliana Pivato is a musician and a visual artist permanently based in Toronto. She spends time as a writer, a university lecturer and as a parent to 2 children under the age of 5. She regularly collaborates with Marc Couroux even though much of this involves recording arguments with a hidden H1. Since quitting social media she has taught herself German, Classical Piano and toddler de-escalation techniques. She has finally given up on cooking squash for any reason. Her first edited book “Pictura: Essays on the works of Roy Kiyooka” will be published with Guernica Editions in Summer 2020. This is her first album.

Seb Roberts is a musician and sound engineer, currently based in Toronto. He has spent time as an improvisor, solo artist, and member of various bands in the U.S., Germany, and Japan. In Tokyo, Roberts also worked as a staff engineer at the renowned independent recording studio, Tsubame Studio, working with such iconoclastic acts as Z, Rebel One Excalibur, and Detrytus. His most recent solo release was 2017’s Gravedigger, and he is currently struggling to teach himself to play the tenor saxophone.