squint 02E

a rested development (2023)

ellen moffat & eeva siivonen

a rested development is a collaborative sound and moving image work that used chance as a process to develop a sequence of autonomous elements that intersect and diverge in their unfoldings. This method allowed for coincidental alignments and collisions between images and sounds. The result is a constellation of images that expand and contract within the undulations and oscillations of sound. This publication is an iteration of the original artwork: the soundtrack is divided into six discrete tracks; images from the video are stilled moments of time.

a rested development was presented as part of the 12-hour online event –AND– on Dec 12th, 2021, curated by Christof Migone.

  1.        slate needles water catalpa (7:20)
  2.        waterdrops cicadas (3:44)
  3.        slate needles steel water maplekeys catalpa (9:20)
  4.        water cicadas maplekeys steel stones (12:28)
  5.        water maplekeys cicadas steel waterdrops catalpa (11:27)
  6.        steel cicadas water waterdrops catalpa steel (15:25)

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Ellen Moffat uses found and organic materials, field recordings, and generative processes to construct possible worlds of sonic fluctuation. Her artworks and compositions present sensorial spaces of listening and hearing to propose sound as ways of knowing the world as relations.

Eeva Siivonen’s experimental moving image practice describes subjective experience in ways that resist separation between self and other, interior and exterior, human and nonhuman, and living and nonliving. The ethos of her practice is to create space for empathy by embracing the impossibility of gaining knowledge of ourselves and others, and our place in the world.

Mastering: Harris Newman
Design: Aidan Takeda-Curran
Executive Producer: Christof Migone