about.general|||||||||||_ _ _ _ _ _squint.press is an audio-centric publisher based in Canada and founded in 1999 by Christof Migone and Alexandre St-Onge.


about.submissions|||||||||||_ _ _ _ _ _we are always interested in listening/reading/viewing what you are doing, but we generally do not accept unsolicited submissions, and unfortunately cannot commit to replying to those we do receive.


about.distribution|||||||||||_ _ _ _ _ _our releases are available via Art Into Life, Art Metropole, Bandcamp, les presses du réel, Soundohm.


about.contact|||||||||||_ _ _ _ _ _Christof Migone, christofmigone at gmail dot com, www.christofmigone.com. Alexandre St-Onge, alexandrestonge at gmail dot com, www.alexandrest-onge.com.


about.webdesign|||||||||||_ _ _ _ _ _endless commons.